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Journal of the Fourth Week, April 14th : A Ride Beneath Celestial Light


 One morning in a summer vacation years ago, when I was in my junior high and my brother in elementary school, my mom took us back to grandma’s house at Junan Town in Miao-Li County . Children at the age often feel frustrated when they have to throw away all the benefit and entertainment of the city. If fact we felt even more frustrated when we heard that grandma’s television was broken. What could we do in that shabby, boring house and still be happy? However now I memorize that vacation happy because we found the way to enjoy life without network and television. Most of the time we read, and we went now the rest of a day. Junan Town was a simple, small place even till now, but it has many beautiful natural surrounding. Most of me and my brother’s childhood memory to the sea came from that vacation because mom sometimes took us there. It was a entrance called ‘Hai-ko’(‘mouth of the ocean’), not far from grandma’s house. There was a grey, plain beach which we didn’t think it beautiful at all; however, we enjoy its savage silence there.

One morning before dawn, about four am, my brother and I woke up and couldn’t feel asleep again because we went up to bed too early last night. After a short discussion, we decided to slink out the house without waking the adult. Beneath the window, the two of us dressed up quickly in grey light outside. The moment we successfully got out we look at the grey-blue sky before dawn in the first time of ecstasy; we were also excited because we were doing something adults didn’t know. We made our mind to go to the sea and got on our bikes. The road and its surrounding were kind of dark and we didn’t quite sure about our directions. However, we all rode fast in the empty, wide roads and lanes of the town. Suddenly we met the end of residential district and there’s a dark- green forest before us. That proved our direction right. We were urban kids, the forest in night seemed kind of scary and ghastly, but later we decided to ride though it as far as possible. When we stopped in front of the forest, we could already see how yellow and milk-white light spread and scattered the bottom of the night sky in distance. The boundary of sky and sea was becoming clearer brightness in amazing speed. Then we rode in the gloomy forest in full speed. As I remembered, the trees were almost black and the fallen celestial light was not vivid because it was almost covered with all kinds of leafs and trunks. We merely saw a glamorous, ghostly white passing us as fast as we rode in high speed. It was strange that we had forgotten our fear to the forest at that moment; in fact we later felt the speeding joy in company with us. And it seems like the surrounding, the atmosphere of the forest changed with our mood. Soon the black trees became pretty green and started to shine at us. 

Then we rode out of the forest and almost drove ourselves into a new, immense gold brightness. The beach is right before us, upon it there was a flow of dazzling orange which turned fancy blue. Even the somberness of night clouds faded out in the color of flawless whiteness. Sitting at our bike, we rode along the beach and waited there till the sublime, shiny sky completely became sunny blue. In silence, I remember me and my brother smiled at each other for we had shared the amazement of nature together. It has been years after our splendid experience. I wonder if kids in the country side all know the ecstasy of beauty and are willing to expose themselves into daily contact with nature. If so, they are so fortunate. I hope me and my brother can get up early next time we decide to drop all the urban entertainment to grandma’s house, so that we can have another splendid rode under the celestial light of dawn once again.





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